RTE Lyric Feature – Mrs Finlay’s Broadwood Square Piano

RTE Lyric Feature – Produced by Angela Mezzetti

When Mrs. Findlay’s Broadwood Square Piano was being restored so too were the intriguing stories of the people it met along the way.

Nominated for a New York Radio Award ‘Mrs Findlay’s Broadwood Square Piano’ is a haunting love story that is revealed through the restoration of a piano. As the piano is lovingly restored from a bag of bones, so too is the love story from the pages of history and a long lost Sonata is unearthed in the process and given new life by concert pianist Inja Davidovic.

Bought in 1977 on a whim for fifty pounds in Ballycastle, Mrs. Findlay’s Broadwood Square Piano, a bockedy old instrument, unearths a story of forbidden romance in Glasgow between heiress Dorothea Findlay and John Donaldson her piano teacher, a legal battle over a dowry and the reunification of two families. As its strings and pedals are restored by Michael Hannon, so too is the history of a family and airing of a sonata by Donaldson inspired by Dorothea, that had lain dormant for years.

Donaldson’s several musical compositions for the piano were inspired by his romance with Dorothea whom he finally married without a dowry in 1820. His Sonata for the Piano Forte in G Major was published by Muzio Clementi Esq in 1822 and supposedly charts his romantic journey and love for his wife ‘the flighty Dorothea’. He later studied law and spent decades in courts claiming her portion of her family inheritance.


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IBEC Podcast

Ocarina Productions are delighted to be producing the  IBEC Podcast. In the first episode Minister Paschal Donohoe Minister for Finance Public Expenditure and reform is interviewed by IBEC CEO Danny McCoy. They talk about the New New Economy.

Check out the most recent podcast where IBEC’s Ger Brady gives a summary of the Q1 outlook.



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We have experience with both private and public sector clients. All work is carried out in a collaborative and confidential manner so that participants can learn from their experiences in a safe but realistic simulation.

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‘A New Niamh’ RTE Radio Documentary

A New Niamh is the challenging yet heartwarming story of Niamh Mooney.

Niamh is making a pledge to stop shoplifting and to turn her life around. She wants to devote more time to her comedy gigs and poetry performances. The documentary was devised and recorded by Angie Mezzetti and co produced by Ronan Kelly from the Doc On One team in RTE Radio.

The recording was two years in the making and it brings voices seldom heard to the airways. Niamh has a huge following on #Facebook for her comic live posts. She wants to carve out a new carer for herself in writing and performing her poetry and her comedy. She has had a colourful life which has had its fair share of heart break. Niamh is a survivor. She has come through drug addiction, years of shoplifting and had to surrender her son to care for a while during his early life. But she is turning her life around and the radio documentary ‘A New Niamh’ captures her life at this point of change.

What starts out as a pledge to stop shoplifting her groceries, reveals a story of one woman discovering her inner strength and talent with words.

The programme was first broadcast in November 2017 and is available to listen to and download on the RTE Doc On One website just click on the following link now A New Niamh Radio Documentary

Here’s a little extra clip that is funny but isn’t on the final documentary. It’s called Wobbly Bits and it is about Body Image and self acceptance

Wobbly Bits Poem by Niamh Mooney

Hearing Again After 60 Years Of Isolation – documentary ‘I Hear A Sound’

Michael Ferris aged 84 lost much of his hearing during the Suez crisis in 1956 but has the chance to have his hearing restored through the technical miracle of cochlear implant surgery.

Barbara Jameson too is facing into her cochlear implant surgery with optimism and excitement and has high hopes that after her CI ‘switch-on’ and fine tuning she will be able to hear birds again, to hear the rain on the velux window and in a year’s time be able to hear her daughter take her wedding vows.

In this moving radio documentary ‘I Hear A Sound’ Angie Mezzetti follows the journey back to the hearing world of Michael and Barbara and hears from others on what that journey is like. ‘I Hear A Sound’ is produced for Newstalkfm and funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.

Barbara Jameson’s story of recovering her hearing through cochlear Implant in Beaumont Hospital is followed in the radio documentary I Hear A Sound

Audiologist Christine McHugh in documentary I Hear A Sound